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Hellcat Driveline Packages Available Now!

By March 15, 2017 February 13th, 2018 No Comments

GForce Engineeing is proud to announce the release of driveline upgrades for the 2015+ Hellcat, SRT and Scat Pack Charger and Challenger. All new engineered 4.0” aluminum driveshafts, complete CV Half Shaft Axle upgrades and the complete 9” IRS kit.

Dodge redefined their lineup with the refresh in 2015 and release of the 707hp Hellcat Charger and Challenger. Just as they went back to the drawing board with these cars, we did the same; bringing to market driveline packages and options to handle the power and abuse these cars are more than capable. We started with the new 4.0” aluminum, 1-piece driveshafts. Stronger and lighter than anything else on the market, these shafts are bolt-in, require no modifications and are high-speed balanced for a precision finish and reduction in NVH, which these cars be prone to.

In addition we released all new axles. Much like all GForce Outlaw half shafts, the new Mopar axles carry the LIFETIME WARRANTY expected from GForce Engineering. They are also the only axles available that feature one-piece CNC machined inner and outer stubs and oversized 31-spline axle bars for unparalleled strength and durability. Also bolt-in requiring no modifications or fabrication.

For the guys taking their Hellcat, SRT or Scat Pack to the next level, we now offer complete bolt-in 9” IRS Kits. Just like all GForce 9” Kits, these new Mopar kits feature a fabricated one-piece housing, 35 spline inners stubs, one-piece billet outer stubs, outlaw axles, Strange Engineering 3rd member with your choice of gears and a new 4.0” aluminum driveshaft. It is a complete IRS package that replaces your stock driveline from the transmission back. Bolt-in, no fabrication or welding required and capable for supporting 1500-2000 horsepower!

GForce Engineering is your go to for Mopar driveline components. From entry level options for those with mild upgrades to complete packages for the cars big power and even bigger goals.

For more information and to see the products in detail visit the applications by following the links below.

Challenger – https://www.gforce1320.com/product-category/dodge-challenger/

Charger – https://www.gforce1320.com/product-category/dodge-charger/